My Work

Project Name: Just Married 2019

Selected for 2021 Korean International Ceramic Biennale The twists and turns of life can be unexpected, and it became my inspiration and aesthetic aspect to form my artwork. In conceptually and visually to present a sense of fragility, helplessness, puling, tearing, the unknown and uncontrollable, I tried to use the characteristics of clay by applying porcelain slip at different stages to form an unpredictable cracking effect. Combine with daily necessities to create conflicts and ambiguities, and use black humor to show the helplessness of life. The central idea of this artwork was inspired by a conversation from a doctor who once said, “The only way that I can try to help you live longer is to get you on medical treatment which can help to control the tumor..." That moment hit me like a marriage vow. But instead, not marry to any person but to my illness and medication. A vow that says "Moving forward, I will take my illness as my life and live together until death." This is the reason why I titled this artwork as, Just Married. My metaphor to create a sense of humor.

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